About Us

Quality first, always.

In 2012 we created SilkSilky.

The initial goal of SilkSilky is simple, we hope you have better sleep and a healthier life every day. As we grow up, we understand that good sleep will have an impact on everything we do. We use the best quality silk fiber to bring you the most luxurious and comfortable silk products for your sleep.

Highest Quality at Affordable Price

We want to deliver high-quality silk products to everyday sleepers. Quality sleep doesn’t need to be crazy expensive, so does silk. Experience high-quality silk products at affordable prices.

Our price is only one-third of other competitors. Why Price is lower?

Unlike other brands, we are a manufacturer, so there is no middleman. We directly cooperate with silk farmers to bring you the best quality silk products at reasonable prices.

Still feel that the price of silk is too expensive? It’s okay, we can also provide items made of silk-satin. This fabric looks like silk, but it is not as comfortable as silk and the price is relatively low.